Access Doors

Access Doors RD
For rectangular, non-insulated air ducts
Largest selection of sizes and types


GX Access Doors
The GX is a RD access doors alternative for rectangular, non-insulated air-ducts.
Low installation height and easier positioning during the installation
Only 3 sizes available


Insulated Access Doors IRD-2, -3, -4
For insulated rectangular ducts (insulation thickness between ≈ 20 and ≈ 55 mm)


Insulated Access Doors IRD-3DE
For externally insulated rectangular air ducts (minimum insulation thickness ≈ 10 mm)


Insulated Access Door IRD-AB
Alternative to the IRD-3DE. For outside insulated ducts and double-wall ducts.
Cheaper, but only available in three sizes.


Insulated Acess Door IRD-3PL
For inside and outside insulated rectangular air ducts.
Simple solution, but with lower insulating properties than other insulated access doors.


Insulated Access Doors IRD-DW1
For double-wall rectangular ducts and
ventilation ducts made of aluminum-coated rigid foam.
Insulation thickness from approx. 10 mm to 60 mm (maximum insulation thicknesses must be observed)


Insulated Access Doors IRD-DW2
Solution for double-wall rectangular air ducts with thicker insulations (starting at approx. 42 mm)


Access Doors RRD
For circular ducts 
Available in different materials, sizes and versions


Access Doors RRD with NBR (also called RRD-FD)
Liquid-tight access doors !


Insulated Access Door IRRD-3PL
For outside insulated round ducts
Simple solution, but with lower insulating properties than other IRRD insulated access doors


Insulated Access Doors IRRD-3DE
For outside insulated round air ducts.
Minimum insulation thicknesses to be observed


Insulated Access Doors IRRD-DW1
For double-wall round ducts with thin insulation.
Max. Insulation thicknesses are to be considered.


Insulated Access Doors IRRD-DW2
Solution for double-wall round ducts with very thick insulation.


Plastic Access Doors KRD
For rectangular ducts made of PVC, PE, PP and PPs

Plastic Access Doors KRRD
For round ducts made of PVC, PE, PP and PPs


Retaining Cable

Lockable Access Doors
More security through controlled access


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