Aerosol and Condensation Tightness

Liquid-tight Ventilation Ductwork

DIN EN 13779
Ventilation for non-residential buildings
Performance requirements for ventilation and room-conditioning systems.

This norm presents general concepts, from the units to be used to various check-lists. Regarding the air ducts, their tightness requirements are shortly covered in the section A8, and references are made to more detailed norms, such as the air-tightness for rectangular ducts (DIN EN 1507) and round ducts (DIN EN 12237). The energy efficiency aspects are also underlined. The METU-FORM ducts and the METU-SYSTEM access doors meet, and even outperform, the air-tightness criteria to be met (Class D).

The Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) norm EN 13779 indicates the necessity of conducting leakage tests in order to save energy and confirm the suitability of the entire ventilation system. This norm replaces the DIN 1946-2.