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METU Headquarters in Germany

METU's History


METU Meinig AG is a medium-size company located in southern Germany. It is known in the ventilation and air conditioning industry worldwide through its groundbreaking inventions many of which became industry standards.

We at METU do not only develop new products, but also design and manufacture in-house the necessary machinery and equipment for their production.

Major Innovations

Invention of the Four-Bolt-Rectangular-Flange Connection. A standard that is used all over the world today.

Access doors allowing access into rectangular and round air ducts. METU certainly offers the largest variety of access doors in the market.

Incorporation of the METU 4-Bolt connection system into rectangular duct lines.

AF, LF, BF, UF round flanges and SR joining clips. They allow a quick and easy assembly of round ducts.

Four-Bolt-Flat-Oval Connection. Easy installation and assembly of Flat Oval Ducts.

Insulated access doors IRD-2, -3, -4.

Patented rotary stitching for he air-tight fastening of formed-on profiles and the corresponding 2-part corners for FIRMAC duct lines.

Circular flanges PF, MF, MFS and joining clips SS and SRS.

Additional insulated access doors designed to cover a wider range of requirements IRD-3PL, IRD-DW, IRRD-3PL, IRRD-DW, IRD-3DE and IRRD-3DE.

Further development of the METU-FORM products intended to fulfill the most demanding requirements in terms of tightness (air, liquid and even oil-tightness), energy efficiency (smooth and dirt-retardant inner surfaces) and quick installation and disassembly times without having to take any additional measures.

Fire-rated access doors FR-S and FR-1 using calcium silicate plates and vitreous fibers (1100°C / 2 Hrs).

Liquid and oil-tight access doors RD-FD and RRD-FD, and the insulated access doors IRD-AD.

The history of METU is distinguished by the fact that many of our innovations have become international standards in the industry.

METU lorry for deliveries in Germany and Switzerland

Our objective is to allow our customers costs savings on total installation costs through easy to install and well-engineered products.


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