VDI 6022 Part 1

METU-SYSTEM Access Doors and the VDI 6022, Partie 1 (Avril 2006) Guidelines

In order to comply with VDI 6022 the following aspects should be considered:

1. Material
The access door should be made of the same material as the duct.

2. Gasket
The VDI 6022 indicates that closed-cell gaskets should be used. This is the case of the polyethylene gasket we use. The silicon gasket would fulfill even higher hygiene standards, as it has no cells and a smooth, easy to clean surface. The SKK, silicon gasket and NBR gaskets offer such smooth surfaces. 

3. Tightness
Hygiene has to do with contamination and air-tightness. The METU access doors outperform the highest air-tightness class D according to the DIN EN 12237.

4. Cleaning Operations
Fulfilling the hygiene requirements also depend on the ability to clean the ducts efficiently. The wide range of METU-SYSTEM access door sizes (11 for the rectangular ducts and 5 for the round ducts) offer the flexibility cleaning companies need to perform their work well.

5. Further Considerations
Please be aware that other requirements, such as the resistance to higher temperatures, might conflict with the VDI 6022 guidelines. The high temperature vitreous glass fibers gasket used for applications above 80°C, for instance, are not VDI 6022 compatible. The resistance of the gaskets to the cleaning agents should also be checked.

The above information are provided without guarantees, as the METU product specifications as well as the norms and guidelines are subject to change without prior notifications.