ZI-001 Transport

Freight and Packing in Germany

These freight and transport information only concern deliveries within Germany. For this reason, they are only available in German.

Product References, Packaging and Labeling

The way our products are labeled, packaged and shipped depends on their size, weight, shape, as well as the requirements and expectations of the majority of customers.

It is basically not possible to comply with customer-specific shipping and packaging requirements.

In view of the above there is no reason to send a claim and/or refuse acceptance of the shipment if the products have not been labeled and packaged according to your requirements or if packaging instructions have not been followed. Our processes must indeed be standardized in accordance with the usual and accepted practices in our industry.

Our products do not have to comply with the packing regulations as our target customers are B2B businesses and not private and/or end consumers.


Dispatching and Shipping Dates

Delivery times and dispatching dates are provided as accurately as possible to the best of our ability but cannot be guaranteed.

Regardless of who ordered and organized the shipping and bears the costs, the risk shall pass to the customer upon dispatch of the goods or their delivery to the carrier. 

Conventional penalties are therefore excluded.