Additional Information ZI

Additional Information ZI


Oil-tight Ducts as Standard

METU-FORM Information Leaflet
(only available in German)



The below PDF documents are no longer regularly updated.
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Round Duct Connections

Access Doors

Rectangular Duct Connections

Accessories and Suspension Elements


ZI-000 Important General Information (Address, Prices, Leadtimes, etc.),

ZI-001 Transport

ZI-700 Norms

ZI-701 Hight Temperature Tests (400°C/120 Min., 600°C/120Min.)

ZI-705 CE Marking

ZI-706 Quality Management

ZI-800 Air-Tightness Classes

ZI-801 Round vs. Rectangular Ducts : A Few Arguments

ZI-900 Terminology and Definitions

ZI-999 Unit Conversions


ZI-101 Metals


ZI-201 Polyethylene foam gasket (PE), White

ZI-202 Polyethylene foam gasket (PE), dark grey

ZI-203 Polyethylene foam gasket (PE) for MU overcollars, dark grey

ZI-204 Self-adhesive rubber edge molding (SKK) for access doors

ZI-206 Vitreous fibers gasket (GF)

ZI-207 Rockwool gasket (SW)

ZI-208 EPDM gasket, black

ZI-209 EPDM gasket for the insulated access doors IRD-2, -3, -4

ZI-210 Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)

ZI-211 Silikon-Dichtung (SI)

ZI-302 Isolation Hangers Rubber Parts

ZI-401 HD sealant

Round Duct Connections

ZI-602 AF Circular Flanges and SR Joining Clips Pulling Resistance Tests

ZI-702 Air-tightness of the AF and BF Circular Flanges

ZI-703 Liquid Tightness of the Round Flange Connections

ZI-704 Round flanges equipotential bonding

Access Doors

ZI-501 Access Door Knobs

ZI-502 Access Door Templates

ZI-503 RRD Opening Dimensions according to the Duct Diameters

ZI-720 TÜV NORD - Access Doors Air-tightness Tests accroding to the norm DIN EN 12237

Resistances to Chemicals

Chemicals and oils are available in very different qualities. Their properties vary depending on their concentration, operating temperatures, possible mix with other chemicals and the eventual presence of impurities. This is why gasket manufacturers only provide general information about the resistance of their products to various chemicals. It is therefore necessary to ask your suppliers of oils, solvents and other chemicals which materials (galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc.) and which gaskets (PE, EPDM, NBR, Silicone, etc.) they recommend. In view of the above it is also advisable that the client runs some tests in order to assess if the gaskets are suitable for the intended application. If you send us an inquiry or order, we assume that the above points have been clarified.


The present additional information have been compiled carefully. They are only indications intended to provide counsel. They are the result of internal tests and information provided by our suppliers. There is no guarantee for completeness and accuracy. More precise information can only be made available through focused tests on a case by case basis. The provided indications do not discharge the user from conducting his own tests. Please make sure that the product is suitable for the intended use. Changes, errors and omissions excepted. Free translation: the German version prevails.