METU-FORM System of Ducts

METU-FORM is an optimized duct system that meets the growing demands of our industry as well as today's environmental protection requirements.

  1. Laser-welded ducts, welded fittings
  2. Formed-on "Parallel" flange (patented)
  3. Exceeds the air-tightness class D according to DIN EN 12237, class ATC 1 (DIN EN 16798-3)
  4. Liquid and oil tight ducts and connections
  5. Smooth, dirt-retardant and easy to clean inner surfaces
  6. Parts made from thin sheet metal, easy to transport
  7. Easy installation: Allen keys are the only tools you need.
  8. The parts have a discrete appearance
  9. Available in galvanized steel
  10. Available in stainless steel V2A  (1.4301 / ASTM 304)
  11. No ATEX / Ex certifications

Best for energy-efficient HVAC systems, industrial uses, processing plants, commercial kitchens, dust removal, sensitive areas of laboratories and hospitals, and everywhere where common air-ducts reach their limits.

METU-FORM Information Leaflet
(only available in German)

Oil-tight Ducts as Standard


SRX Joining Clips
For the assembly of ducts and fittings 
with formed-on "Parallel" flanges.


Overcollars MUX
For the assembly of "plain" ducts and fittings.
The MUX overcollars will be in time replaced by the MUX-S below.


Ducts with formed-on "Parallel" Flange


Plain Ducts (without turned-out edges or flanges)




Telescopic Fittings

End Caps






Cross Pieces




Saddle Pieces




Adjustable Bends


Swan-neck Bends






Damper Actuators


Transitions from Round to Rectangular




Loose Flange Adapters


Flexible Hoses


Male Hose Couplings


Male Couplings with
Return-flow Protection

Female Hose Couplings


Air Outlets


Rain Caps


Ventilation Hoods

Inspection Pipes


Primary Oil Separator


Customized Parts




Suitability Checklist

Applications and References

Technical Information

Are round ducts better?

Made by METU in Germany

The VDI 2087 requirements summarize well the properties of the METU-FORM ducts!

 -  Smooth iner surfaces,
 -  Easy to clean, durable,
 -  Non-hygroscopic,
 -  Non-inflammable,
 -  Corrosion-resistant
 -  Air-tight ( > class D, DIN EN 12237)