Return-flow Protection

Hose Coupling with a Return-flow Protection

During machine operation, the air charged with oil mist is sucked through the air ducts. When the system is switched off, the air is no longer moving and the oil flows back into the machines. To prevent leaks, the back-flow protection prevents oil from leaking out of the air duct system.

CAUTION: Works only by negative pressures (suction).

  1. Flexible hose
  2. Backflow protection
  3. Holes
  4. Oil flowing backwards when the fans are switched off (*)
  5. Oil flows between the flexible hose and the duct wall.
  6. Oil is gathered in the gutter.
  7. Oil flows back into the duct through the holes

Product Specifications for Tender Texts

Backflow Protection. METU-FORM laser-welded backflow protection made of galvanized steel or stainless steel (V2A / 1.4301 / 304), allowing to connect the flexible industrial hoses to the METU-FORM airducts. They are designed for a vertical installation, as they prevent the oil or other liquids from reaching outside the air ducts when the ventilation system and machines are turned off. Two versions: with "Parallel" flanges formed directly from the duct itself (diameters 80 to 1000 mm Ø, connection with SRX joining clips), or "plain " (without a flange, diameters 80 to 200 mm, connection with MUX overcollars). No ATEX / EX certifications.

STP Format


Collecting funnel and holes allowing the oil to return into the duct system