2015 Power Plant Linth-Limmern

Power Plant Linth-Limmern AG / AXPO Hydro Energie

Speaking of unusual challenges, imagine putting an entire hydroelectric plant, with all the amenities, various facilities (restaurant, dorms, control rooms, stock, many trucks and excavating machines), heating, ventilation, sewage, etc. in other words an entire small town deep inside a mountain. Well, the Swiss did it again!  And for that project special products with specific characteristics had to be installed, such as the METU-FORM ducts to remove toxic fumes to the outside.

Products used: METU-FORM ducts for their outstanding air-tightness characteristics in stainless steel.

The METU lorry brings the ordered METU-FORM laser-welded
round ducts, fittings and connections.

Well-packed products eliminate potential problems.
Clean ducts are also easier to assmeble.


A special heavy-duty and custom-made cable-car
brings the parts inside the mountain (the entire power
plant and facilities are underground).

SRX clamps have only one screw to tighten, a system
which speeds up the assembly.


An entire city has been created inside the mountain. All rooms
must be properly ventilated.



Extraction of toxic gas. Air-tight METU-FORM ducts and fittings:
ATC1 class according to the norm DIN EN 16798-3,
Outperrforms the highest air-tightness class D accoring to the norm DIN EN 12237.
Material: stainless steel 304 (V2A)