CE Marking


CE-Marking According to the 89/106/EWG Guidelines for Construction Products

Dear Sir or Madam:

While our products belong, according to the above-mentioned guidelines, to building construction products, TÜV SÜD advises that there is, for the time being, no European norm in which our products are listed. There are only European and national norms for complete HVAC installations and not for their components.

Furthermore, our products do not cover elements for fire dampers which would have required a CE marking.

As long as there is no harmonization and published norms covering our products, we are not allowed, according to the construction products regulations, to apply a CE marking on the METU products.

We remain at your disposal for any additional questions you might have.


Status: February 2010. 
Ref.: TÜV SÜD Life Service GmbH 27.02.2010