ZI-208 EPDM Gasket


EPDM for MU Overcollars (ZI-208)

Mostly MU Overcollars. The gasket is glued to the 315 mm Ø MU Overcollars and above. Glue: Terokal 2444 (polychloroprene basis, operating temperature from -30°C to +90°C)

Closed-cell, flexible rubber gasket.
Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber HY/EPDM. (DIN ISO 1629). 

Color: black
Without silicon, halogen or Polytetrafluorethylene.

Adhesive (when applicable): 
Acrylic dispersion. Liner: Protective film made of siliconized (*) paper.

(*) Self-adhesive products are usually fitted with a siliconized protective foil applied over the bounding surface. To install the product this foil must be removed: it is therefore not part of the product. The gasket material itself is silicon-free. It is possible however, that silicon traces are detected, as they can be transmitted to other parts during handling operations. An absolute silicon-free guarantee can, for that reason, not be given.

Operating Temperatures
from ≈ -40°C to ≈ +70°C (temporarily up to ≈ +80°C)

Behavior in Fire
Building Material Class: B3, easily inflammable
Fire Resistance: not applicable
Smoke Emission: not specified

Food Industry

Outdoor Exposure
Very good ozone, aging and weather resistances.
Weathering and UV resistance (DIN 53 386): Should not be directly exposed over long periods of time to the weathering agents.
Ozone Resistance (DIN 53 509): Tear-building 0.

Chemicals and oils are available in very different qualities. Their properties vary depending on their concentration, operating temperatures, possible mix with other chemicals and the eventual presence of impurities. This is why gasket manufacturers only provide general information about the resistance of their products to various chemicals. The adhesive offers a limited resistance to chemicals. In view of the above it is advisable that the client runs some tests in order to assess if the gaskets are suitable for the intended application. Please bear in mind that elastomers have generally a limited lifetime (i.e. through aging). For that reasons we recommend regular inspection and replacement intervals. We regret not being able to provide more precise information.

Safety data sheet 
Available upon request (PDF document). 

Do not contain any particular SVHC substances likely to raise concerns according to the current extended REACH candidate lists, dated 30-01-2010.

VDI 6022
No information

Please refer to the ZI-102

Important Information
The present additional information have been compiled carefully. They are only indications intended to provide counsel. They are the result of internal tests and information provided by our suppliers. There is no guarantee for completeness and accuracy. More precise information can only be made available through focused tests on a case by case basis. The provided indications do not discharge the user from conducting his own tests. Please make sure that the product is suitable for the intended use. Changes, errors and omissions excepted. Free translation: the German version prevails.

Adhesive application instructions