Round Flange Equipotential Bonding


METU Round Flanges Equipotential Bonding


When installed properly there is metal to metal contact between the ducts and the flanges, and between the flanges and the SR joining clips, allowing an equipotential bonding to take place.

To achieve this the various parts (ducts, flanges, joining clips) should be correctly fastened by mechanical means (notches, screws, rivets), should not be coated or painted, and the joining clip must be correctly tightened.

Please note that the LF circular flanges are delivered with a sealant which might prevent a metal to metal contact.

In this case the access doors retaining cables could be used to achieve electrical continuity between the ducts.

In all cases the equipotential bonding must always be measured once the ducts have been assembled. 

  1. AF Circular Flange
  2. BF Circular Flange
  3. LF Circular Flange
  4. UF Circular Flange
  5. SR Joining Clip
  6. Gasket
  7. Duct wall
  8. Notches
  9. Self-drilling screws
  10. Blind rivets

Equipotential Bonding with Retaining Cable

This solution might not be applicable in all cases and should be checked by a professional, as the retaining cable has not been designed for that purpose.

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